About Us


Our mission is to inspire free speech, interest in literacy and language arts through the sport of battle rap.


"We’re bringing new lights into the heritage of Hip Hop and Battle Rap, using the Gideon Association as a source of unlimited potential and creativity, inspiring others to contribute to the world."

"Step into a new era of literacy, introducing Battle Rap as the intellectual art of language. We are the generation that embraces excellence as being the new standard of living."

"We’re refining and further enriching the Battle Rap culture into an aspiring movement where great minds and talents come together."

"To reintroduce Hip Hop and Battle Rap as an intellectual form of art, literacy, and wholesome lifestyle that the masses want to belong to. They directly and indirectly contribute to new voices of art, knowledge, education, music, sports, and the global economy in general. "

"We motivate great spirits to unfold chances and possibilities that create massive impact on themselves and society."

"Gideon Association elevates brilliant minds. We fuel the brilliant minds of those who want to stand out and be the best version of themselves."


Jahmeke Rodriquez aka Don Roderick


Hip Hop Artist

Entertainment Management (Institute of Audio Research)

The Recording Academy: Grammy U

VP Records Marketing Intern

Robert van Kleef

Senior Advisor

International Business Development

Entertainment Management

KYC Compliance

IADAS Member


Maarten de Kok


Big Data Consultant

Equity Portfolio Manager

Investment Strategist

Bart van Maarseveen

Blockchain Manager

Blockchain Deep Diver

Komodo Pioneers

Netherlands Ambassador for Komodo Blockchain

The Future is Decentralized


Maurice Payne aka Jay Klutch

CTO/Vice President

Hip Hop Artist

Entertainment Management (Institute of Audio Research)

Digital Asset Manager

Senior Developer​


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